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Is this a good keyword?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by JohnyJ, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. JohnyJ

    JohnyJ Junior Member

    Sep 19, 2011
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    I've been doing Seo for a few e-commerce sites for a few months. Now I want to start having some of my own sites with Adsense or CPA to bring it some side money. I've found a keyword in the coupon neice that gets 70000 exact local searches. The competition is low , the CPC is 26 pence and there is only 1 company that uses Adwords for this search term. Can any one help me, I'm not sure what route to go down to make it profitable, I'm thinking a form fill it to show the coupons might be the best option. Any advice is always appreciated
  2. Ghoast

    Ghoast Power Member

    Nov 17, 2009
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    Yeah, why not put a content lock on it? Or if it's a product which has affiliates then you HAVE to promote it!

    Like if it's racing bike coupons then see if the racing bike company has affiliates and then sign up and send them racing bike traffic - you know that people are ready to buy if they're looking for coupons!
  3. iphoneexperts

    iphoneexperts Newbie

    Mar 17, 2012
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    yes its a good keyword
  4. firefoxxx

    firefoxxx Newbie

    Jan 20, 2012
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    New York
    good keyword in my opinion.
  5. BlackHatCams

    BlackHatCams Junior Member

    Feb 27, 2012
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    Take this step by step.

    1. Google the keyword and see what shows up in the organic search results
    2. Visit each organic search result on page 1 to get an idea of what their site is about, target market, etc.
    3. Plug each of these sites in alexa and quantcast and get some additional information on the demographics and target audience.
    4. Contact the owners of each of these websites and tell them your interested in advertising on their site with a banner and you would like to know who their audience is. Use the provided data long with your own research.
    5. Start of slow by creating a website full of useful information around this keyword. Don't put any advertisement on it. Use google adwords and push traffic to the site, observe the results using google webmaster tools and google anatlyics.
    6. I would stay away from cpa affiliate offers, deal directly with the advertiser if you plan to go that route. If you plan to push an affiliate offer, try to make a product review page or something that looks more genuine over a banner. Based on all the research you did earlier, you will understand who your market is so you can create content focused around their specific needs.
    7. Another idea is to use aweber or formstack and create a lead gen form where people can sign up to a free webinar. You would host the webinar and present an affiliate product during the webinar, at the end sellling the product, etc.
    8. If you plan to go the adsense route, try to put the links witin copy to make the links look more natural. Statistics have shown that most people don't know an advertisement link from a real link.
    Hope this helps dude.
  6. dotcomdesigns

    dotcomdesigns Power Member

    May 16, 2009
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    How do you know the competition is low? I presume you're referring to low comp in the adwords keytool. That means there are very few advertisers. That's the first warning.

    The next is there is only one company advertising after all. 2nd warning.

    26p cpc. You'll get around 18p if you are lucky. 3rd warning.

    The only thing it's got going is the 70k exact searches.

    Doesn't look great to me but without knowing the top 10 results I couldn't say any more.

  7. shakemelikeapig

    shakemelikeapig Junior Member

    Dec 10, 2009
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    70000 exact local search in not a small competition, You will face lots of competition in that keyword as it has 70k exact local search.