is this a dance? Experienced people please read

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by JohnyJ, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Sep 19, 2011
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    I managed to rank 10th and my site has stayed there for 2 weeks. It dropped to 12th a few days ago and yesterday to 15th, can i expect it to shoot back up to 10 or higher? I need to get results asap my overheads are puting too much pressure on me.

    My site has gained 20 reffering domains a month for the past 5 years, i started seo myself a few months back, 1st month i built 80 links, 2nd month 400 links and this month im looking at about 700 links and i plan to build 700-1000 links a month from now own. The number of links is number of reffering domains.

    The Majority of my links are from a huge blog network, permenent home page contextual links, i also mix in a bunch of web 2.0, article directories, gov, edu, wiki, permanent homepage links.

    I've done a few blog comment and profile links but i've tried to avoid these, i'm wondering if avoiding these is a bad thing as blog commenting must be the most commonly found back link

    My links all show up in majestic seo, the person at the number 1 spot has 3000 reffering domains.

    I have a majestic million rating of 450,000 if anyone uses this data, the person who is ranking 2nd has a rating of 920,000 yet i am 15th.

    I have good on page seo and my web master tools is clean.

    In your experience is this a dance?, am i going to screw my self with such an aggressive campaign?

    Just after your input really guys im bricking it i'm going to check 1 morning and weve dropped to 3rd page.