Is there any website that has lower prices than eBay?

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    Is there any website on the internet that has prices that are generally lower than on eBay? eBay always seems to have the lowest prices so I can't undercut any sellers but, Amazon is easy to undercut because the prices are generally higher. But I run out of money on Amazon because they take 14 days to give you your money but eBay gives it instantly. So is there any website? Thanks!
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    ebay sellers set there own prices why it a biding website.

    also ebay is used via thousands of wholesalers so you wont beat ebay unless
    you go out there and do wholesale deals at company's .

    method and works...

    you only need advert money for amazon.

    on ebay your need to look for stock that lower price then
    amazon price's

    Do research the stock your going to advertising are selling.

    Make sure the ebay stock is there advertised for 27 days.

    you know need to setup a amazon account to sell items.

    Know add ebay item to amazon you found cheaper know
    add picture and desertion same as ebay .

    add a price that under cut your competition but also gives you profit.

    be carefull and only keep the advert on amazon for the same time it
    advertised on ebay or your have nothing to sell or loads of refunds to give.

    when users buy the item you can send it in a plain box so it looks like
    it come from a proper business and not ebay......

    that it enjoy earning.

    i am sure there a re boxing service or your have to re ship it in a box
    from home, but i am sure there a company does it for you.

    remember to add any exspencives to the product selling,
    if you only can get 50p per sale fully cleer soon adds up per sale.
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