Is there any PPI network which has this awesome feature? Potential goldmine $$$

Discussion in 'Pay Per Install' started by Pete Friedman, May 24, 2015.

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    Hello everyone! ;)
    So I did a quick research on PPI networks and it seems there are only three (rather ineffective) ways they work:
    1. If you are a software creator, they may bundle some adware to your .exe files (installers). The liimtation of it is that you have to be a developer.
    2. You spread their programmes like YouTube Downloader, etc. But this method is lame - if people search for such programmes, they're more likely to go to an official developer's webpage which hardly ever contains any advertising bundle.
    3. You spread .exe files which don't contain anything but... adware itself. :) They are usually named like "Setup_8653785.exe" or sth like that. The biggest drawback is that they must be downloaded directly from PPI network site by the person downloading the file, because new .exe file is generated every time for every download (that's how they authenticate installs). This is a bad method too. Firstly because you can't upload them anywhere as .exe files - they have to be downloaded from a PPI network site. Secondly, the name of file looks very suspicious ("Setup_8653785.exe").

    So the question is - is there any PPI network that allows you to download .exe from their site (doesn't matter what it really is), rename it yourself and then spread it under any name? I'd consider joining such a network.

    For now, I decided to solve the problem myself - I made a script that does exactly that - it's a legitimately looking .exe file, you can change its name and icon and most importantly you can upload it anywhere. So the person downloading the file really thinks it's e.g. "Minecraft Code Generator" (because you can make it look like that) but in fact there are just PPI offers (but most of the people still blindly click "accept" all the times in hope of getting their program in the end:) ). If you want to partner, send me a PM, I can tell you the details but you have to provide some traffic. To sum up, my earnins skyrocketed (each install up to $2 and it's really easy to get) but they're still not as great as I'd like them to be, because I lack traffic - I'm a programmer not a SEO guy. :)

    I'm going to update this thread in the future. :)

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    You could do what you are asking with RevenYou but I don't know if they are around or legit anymore. Also give Amonetize a try.
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    RevenYou is working well. The team is dedicated to update their product. (i've been to ppi since 2011)

    Amonetize has worked also well for me, but at some point i couldn't get it to work in chrome anymore.. but they prob have found a solution by now (not sure).