Is there a better use of my articles?

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    Hey everyone,

    Recently, I have been writing articles and selling them on DP. The thing is, they don't really sell for a lot of money compared to the time and effort I put in to writing them. I feel like good quality articles always get undercut by poor quality cheap article writers who can pump out content a lot faster than I can on my own.

    Is there any way I can make better use of my articles, and still make some money from them. Do you think submitting them to directories and linking back to a product/offer would work very well? Because then I'd have the problem of getting traffic to the article, and I'd probably have to write a lot for this to make money?

    Usually I try and sell the articles at places like DP for $4 per 500 words, but it's often that they sell for $2-$3 on websites like that. I'm looking for a better way to use my articles.

    Thanks a lot,
    ~Mr Darco
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