Is the Linkjuicer another BMR?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Del Girl, May 4, 2012.

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    Slogging away on a Linkjuicer post at the moment & then suddenly thought...what if its another network like the BuildMyRank network where they are all blogs owned by Linkjuicer? What if all this hard work results in my rankings dropping? That would be too annoying for words.

    Does anyone know? Theres a very nice guy on Fiverr who can do it for me (Firststopim, a recommendation from this very site), using Articleranks, so Im only using Linkjuicer because its links to a brand (needs my input) but if its going to adversly affect me..


    Effing Penguin. :rolleyes:
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    90 s not a network
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    I used linkjuicer for over a year, it is nothing like BuildMyRank in the way that it works, Linkjuicer opens accounts on blog sites and then posts your articles to various users blogs at random, in theorey it works but I found that in practice the blogs get deleted after a time so you lose your backlinks. Also you have no control over the blogs where your articles and links are posted so you can (and will) end up on spammy blogs with hundreds of outbound links from badly written articles with poor anchor text diversity.

    Also many of the users are so dumb they will name their blogs wwith the product/service they are promoting, so you will have blogs with things like "Pay Day Loans" in the URL, obviously the users cant even see that the blogs that are created by their account are not the blogs where their articles will appear and they are wasting their time doing this.

    I would be suprised if the Likes of Linkjuicer are proving very effective since the Google algo change.
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    I'm not familiar with Linkjuicer, but here is something to think about.

    Go after blog network services that aren't heavily advertised or promoted by every 'SEO guru' and internet marketing big shot. These are a HUGE target for Google, and the ones that will be first to go.

    Look for services that have a limited number of openings. While greed can be "good", it is not good for any type of blog network service. Limited spots is key and look for the underground services that not many people have heard of.