Is smartdots free domain worth it?


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Dec 19, 2011
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I was planning on making 1-2 page websites with short information on a niche including something from clickbank and advertising the site. Would it work well if I used smartdots?
It's not really your own domain, its a subdomain .tc is a country code TLD so when you get a "free" , is the domain and yourname is the subdomain. If you are serious about ranking I would spend the 7 bucks a year and get a real domain name. If worst comes to worse you lose 7 dollars and you can find free offshore hosting if you aren't ready to take the big dive (for another 5-10 bucks a month)
As long as your traffic isn't going to be from google/seo.
all of those smart dots and cydots are great for black hat im
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