is Scrapebox legal?

It depends where you are, and what you do with it, I suppose. Quite similar to a penis in that regard.
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Scrapebox is like a gun.

Owning it is legal (in some countries) but some things you can do with it are illegal (again in some countries)
No, it's illegal. I know one guy, he got caught and he's inside for 7 years. So please, don't use scrapebox. As well as xrumer. Don't use them!
It's only illegal if you get caught

Yeah that definitely makes sense :rolleyes:. A crime is only a crime if you get caught... like really isn't it common sense something is a crime whether you're caught or not?
It depends on how you use it. Small fire is your friend (to cook) but big fire could burn you..
Spamming a blog is not illegal, nor is owning Scrapebox illegal. It can be used for so much more than just posting. But if you have your doubts and really feels its necessary to obey the Google gods then please stay away from Scrapebox.
It's legal, if it would be illegal then most automatic software senx xr and the rest of the gang would be so. The worst thing that could happen is that your ISP calls you up and tells you to stop spamming. I'm running it on 500 threads almost daily no complaint ever.
hey guys.. spam commenting doesn't work... I bought scrapebox but my rankings doesn't rise on google through scrapebox yet. probably I need a unique and high quality blog list. Im the new about scrapebox.
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