Is my work IP on the twitter Shitlist?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Cupid Stunts, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Here's the process I've been doing:
    created and confirmed email accounts with associated twitter accounts.
    add twitterfeed with a RT bot for various target audiences

    ONE of the profiles using a variant of the RT bots got suspended.
    All profiles were connected to tweetdeck, except a replacement profile I set up to re-use the RT bot that went down.

    The second profile was suspended within hours of connecting the RT bot, even though the profile was aged for a few days and picking up private DMs

    My suspicion and concern is this might get my other RT bot profiles suspended. So far so good they are all racking up followers, and RT at varying speeds without being throttled.

    I'm also suspicious of tweetdeck, in that twitter may be picking up on shared profiles I manage - is that possible?

    From the profiles that appear stable, each account has different behaviour, different apps plugged in, and none of the bios have hashtags or anagrams in them - those profiles have been left alone

    8 twitter profiles
    2 deleted (from same RT bot is my assumption)
    2 IP addresses

    posting only via 2 accounts per day.