IS Loudmo scam?

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Jan 24, 2010
My story:

In 15 days I earned 1300$ on
I was using direct download link without asking my account manager Rocco Bruzzese.
When I realized that maybe not right, I sent a message to Rocco asking for direct download link.
ME: Hello Rocco is it posible to get and use direct download link for flv player
Rocco: How do you plan to promote it?
ME: I'm preparing one video site, and people who want to see video must download FLV player.
Also I will be shared videos through torrents in .flv format so anyone wants to see the video needs to download FLV player.

After 2 day my account is baned.
when I ask him why he said:
Rocco: The issue is you posted on that forum how to cheat loudmo installs we can't allow this.
Me: I didn't post on forum how to cheat loudmo installs, I was only asking for direct download.
I have contact you 2 days ago for direct download link, before you suspended my account.
So why would I do that if I was cheating you.
I have not tried to cheat you. I didn't fake installs. All installs are good.

5 dayns NO answer

me: Will you at least pay me for my work?

I worked hard to get $1300, and I didn't fake instalations, you can check it out.

If you don't whant to renew my account (I don't know why, there is NO reason), then at least pay me what I honestly earned.

Please Reply.

rocco: You made that post on the board how to scam our installs ( I didn't) I'm sorry but that's the reason for your account to be suspended. I can review this with our boss once more but after that post its very hard to approve your account.

me: Please do that.
Read that post again and you will see that I do not talk about how to cheat loudmo.
Nobody is talking how to scam your installs, I was only asking how to get a direct download link.
Can I scam you if I have direct download link?
Of course I can not.
Please review this with your boss and let me know how it all went.
In general I do not understand how you came up with the idea that I try to cheat you.
Let me know how it went, no matter what,

7 days No answer

me: Hello Rocco,
Have you talked to your boss?
What did you decide?
If you do not want to renew my account you can at least pay me for my work.
I made about $ 1,300, so it is fair that you pay me.

Rocco:Your account is still under review, I cant say for sure when we will have final decision, I'm hoping by mid next week.
If I can prove that you had nothing to do with the post then I can probably pay you.

3 weeks have pasted and he don't want to contact me, and don't want to answer at my mail (I have send 5 more mails).

So what do You think?
Is Loudmo scam or not?

Admin and moderators please don't delete this massage I whant Rocco to se this, and I whant answer from him.
ppi talk his not allowed on bhw, try here:
i think loudmo is scam, i reached $100 in may, and they still haven't payed me till now, they don't answer to my emails
deckadent...from my experience with loudmo(i wrote a ebook 'the secret youtube cashcow method')...i can tell that u will get July...If it happens don't forget to post here.
I got paid by loudmo.. $110 to my paypal.. maybe because I did everything right?
I didn't iframe anything
I didn't direct link

Just pointed to my given referral link..
Does LOUDMO pay you on successful install only or they will pay you a successful completed download for their application.

Can anyone confirm this to me.
If i point the traffic to my referral & they download from my page , but do not install.
Will they pay me or not..??
You will get paid if someone installed it. Just read in the homepage the big " GET PAID PER INSTALL "
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