Is it worth to work with this site?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by pipijoe, Jan 15, 2013.

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    On of my Wordpress site has been infected with some sort of malicious script, and sent huge amount of spam emails with my domain. The hosting company shut down my site and deleted all the files within the public html folder. I think, the mysql database hasn't been hurt. So I think, I can restore the sites. I want to reinstall everything.

    But since the domain was used for spamming, I'm not sure if it is worth to work with any longer. Will my site been seen as a "spamming site"? Will this spamming issue destroy my search engine rankings?

    I'm interested in all sorts of solutions and answers. Thank you very much.
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    Good question pipijoe,

    Sorry to hear you had issues with this. I would say that if the attack only resulted in emails being sent you may be ok. I would check for any suspicious linking activity. If someone sent a bunch of spam emails from your domain, Google and other engines can't really see that stuff. If however the hacker also created inbound or outbound links that you are unaware of, that could cause you to lose rankings.

    Note that this is just my guess and I don't really have any firsthand experience with this but it makes sense that if factors affecting search rankings were not manipulated as a result of the intrusion, then you should be ok.

    Maybe you can find more answers here,

    Hope that helps,