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Is it worth it anymore?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by lemmetellya, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. lemmetellya

    lemmetellya Registered Member

    Jan 13, 2016
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    I'll get straight to the point, I own a couple of brands who specialise in online clothing retail. Both very niche. I know my niche well; how to manipulate sales, engagement etc. However, more recently over the past 6 months, both accounts have very much plateaued in terms of growth. I'm stuck around 23,000 and 14,800 on each account.

    Both accounts are over 4 years old, and were initially built to a larger following using iMacros free scripts to like users who posted images and tags of rival brands on their profiles. I used this method for around 3 years before stopping in early 2015, which was around the time I moved to FL.

    FL was amazing at first, around February 2015, but I only used it for a month on it's very basic settings like "Liking/Commenting" on users who follow other brands associated with my niche. I ceased using this program in April 2015, and began to grow more naturally through sponsored posts and working alongside content creators, again this failed to push me beyond the 25,000 mark.

    I began re-using FL from January 2016 onwards until a couple of weeks ago, utilising the "FLC:username" method, but didn't receive many return follows. I did see an increase in site traffic. Although, I now see that I'm losing anywhere between 10-30 followers a day.

    My question is: Is it even worth using bots anymore? Or should I concentrate wholly on creating more unique content (Which I already do), engaging with my followers and sponsoring posts.

    Thanks for your time.