Is it Worth getting the Original Content Add-On in this Situation ?

Is it Worth getting the Original Content Add-On in this Situation ?

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Apr 5, 2015
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I realized I posted in the wrong section so I am reposting this thread:

Okay I wanted to get opinions for members on this.
This is quiet interesting . Thought I would ask the community.

I have been really busy lately and hardly have time to do my own SEO and I come across this SEO Service which I like a lot and It providing exactly what I want which is link Diversity.

So here is the scenario:

-- I really like the service and realize there is an Add on for getting copyscape original content done.
Great ! I really like the idea. It took me a lot of time designing this website so I want my links to appear natural.

So I think to myself this will be a perfect add-on.

-- So I am looking at one of the Sample links and I realize that there are many people that have not purchased this package with this add-on and therefore the site has a lot of articles with Spun content.

-- Now If I get the add on for extra price I will have my own anchors surrounded by orginal text (which is great and exactly what I wanted !)

-- Butt... All the other articles surrounding mine, which is of other people who ordered the same service would have Spun Content.

Do you think I would still benefit from getting this Add-On ?

I would really appreciate your opinion.

I never thought about this ? I wonder if others have.

To Make it more clear:

1) The Page Backlink to my website is on has original content.
2) But Other pages on this website has spun content.

Do I get a bit of extra boost still for the original content ?