is it wise to just focus on 3 keywords for linkbuilding?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by ultimategamechain, May 15, 2010.

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    I have a client who wants to rank in google for these 3 keywords. He specifically said that he only wants to rank on these 3 keywords as soon as possible(meaning less that a year).

    Is it safe to build links with just those 3 keywords rotating?

    I have been doing linkbuilding for my client but we always use different anchor text to make the linkbuilding look more natural.

    Is there there going to be a negative effect if I will just focus on those 3 keywords and not build links with any different anchor text?

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    I think you should do 50% exact those three, 30% relevant keywords and 20% random keywords (come here, click here...).
    What is the problem if your client site will rank well for another keywords? Sometime it's inevitable.
    For example, you rank well for the keyword "round vinyl tablecloth". If a customer search for "50 x 70 round vinyl tablecloth" and your site does have 50 x 70 in the body, it will likely rank well for the new search term. I know this because it happened to me.
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    This is largely belief based, but I don't think google cares. You just cast a smaller keyword net for your site relevance. In fact many sites only have their site name as their inbound link text. Descriptive and contextual words in link text is only appropriate for some kinds of links. Proper nouns and calls to action happen too... hotmail, gmail, etc... one word wonders for any statistical purposes...

    Personally I prefer top 2 or 3 phrases, then later often add long tail because long tail is easy to compete with and draws SEO traffic quickly. If you want traffic fast without have much PR longtail is better if you want to win for 2-3 keywords then focus is better.

    Just depends on what you need.
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