is it sandbox or google dance ?


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Sep 2, 2009
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hi , i have a blog in travel niche , was earning like 3-4 $ per day ,it was also ranked for couple of moderately competetive keywords , now its nowhere to be seen . it happened to me before but site got back to its original position within few days , this time no luck , is it google sandbox as site is 6-7 month old ?
according to your observation ,normally how many days does this google dance lasts and what about sandbox time(if that happened in my case :( ..)?
it happens in my site as well, try updating your sitemap.xml (if you dont have one get one from google-sitemap-generator. c o m)
it will haste google's listing of your pages.
In my experience if your site isn't back in a week it's not "googledance". If it's sandboxed all you can do is keep working on it and hopefully it should come back stronger. HTH
If it was ranking well before then just keep building links. Rankings can fluctuate, so all you can do is keep building those backlinks and eventually you will starting going back up.

I'd be surprised if you were sandboxed after 6 months unless you were doing a lot of spamming.
Yeah, it sucks when you end up getting sandboxed usually probably happens when you build too many backlinks all at one time. Only way to get out is to just keep building links till your out of the box.
If it's only a couple of days it still could be google dance. Give it a couple more days. In case your site got sandboxed continue building quality backlinks and update your content regularly.
I have received the similar treatment to some of my blogspot blogs I was ranking for. I probably did build links to quickly. Does anyone have a good rate that you can build links to a certain page?

Or is it not even a page is it just the website in total?

Brian P
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