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Is it possible to add a delay to a poll?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Bigmutherluver, Aug 29, 2011.

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    Jul 28, 2011
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    Hi People

    I was just wondering a few things to all you out there who are pro's with Facebook apps and the way they work. I'm currently working on a poll running on Facebook and it's being a right pain!

    Basically once you have made your votes you press the next button, usually what happens is after a few second delay you get a message saying thank you your vote is now counted and logged. Next you get an email with a special deal it's part of the voting system.

    Now for the past 5 days it's been a nightmare when you enter your votes and press next you have to wait anything from 4-8 minutes. If you press any where on the IE explorer that is running it crashes and at the top it say (not Responding) I've been timing it today and it's taking roughly 4 minutes for the vote to go through.

    Also now there are no confirmation emails coming back which is a night mare too! My question is do you think this is a problem with the app itself, or could this be a security measure set in place to try and stop the cheating and totally pee off the people who are trying to vote?

    Any help or advise would be appreciated very much so, this is doing my head in. I got a copy of the source info I was wondering if they had added a delay into this or if this is possible, I do not understand code at all it's a mad jumble to me!
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