is it hard to get SEO clients.

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    or do you have to set on the phone hoping for a win, like how many calls usually does it take to get one "high paying client".

    I know it wouldn't be consistent, but typically how many calls would you make before you get a client that's on board with what your offering?

    it just doesn't seem like a business for me, id prefer the clients coming to me instead of playing telemarketer for hours/days/weeks/months/years.

    I heard stories of people charging 20k per client, but it seems kindve bogus to me, if you called my ass wanting to charge me 20k id prolly hang up on you.

    I thought about letting the clients test my services before coming to me, I can get their website ranked, then quote them their bill, I would tell them that I can delete their backlinks if they don't pay or something, do you think that would be to aggressive?

    I also heard of people sending their contacts free stuff with their business card attached to the gift.

    btw.. firefox just said backlinks was spelled wrong and changed it to slingbacks haha.
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    Don't cold call.

    Go to networking events and don't sell people. Ask them about their business, tell them what you do and indirectly offer them something that will bennefit them. Give them advice.

    If you know your stuff, do free SEO work for them, and let them see the results, then when they come back and tell you how awesome you are, tell them you can do much much more at a price.