Is it a good method to make seo like this

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    i haved bulit one website about pet supplies. I found that if i make my keyword (such as led dog collars) in the title and description of my HOMEPAGE. The google ranking position is pretty good. However, when i delete this keyword from the title and description from the HOMEPAGE and then put it in the title and description of the inner page or other landing page, the ranking position is not good. Although i have built many links for the page. I want to promote 5 keywords. Is it a good idea to build 5 websites and put ONE keyword in the title and description of each single site's HOMEPAGE ? I am the newbie of SEO. Maybe it is a stupid idea. Anyone can give me any advices?
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    I did not understand everything what you told, but I understood this....

    And this might lead you to get your website penalized. READ this FORUM and SEO properly first, later on you will not have to cry.