Is crypto mining still profitable?

I personally mine ETH with GPUs that I find cheap from old computers. There is a lot of good information here already, but yes it is profitable but barely for some. LOTS to learn! Different cards have different profitability. If you're going to invest for the long-term you'll need a road map plan for coins you'll be mining has DAG change and coins re-price. The newest most powerful card is the safest bet, but doesn't come cheap.

Each GPU performs differently on each coin not to mention have different power draw. There are websites that show GPU profitability. People I know that mine already have cheap power or go solar eventually.

Step 1: Free Electricity
Step 2: Find GPUs
Step 3: Mine Most Profitable Coin
Step 4: Stake Mined Coins / Trade for Shitcoins
Maybe BTC ATMs are a better investment currently in some areas and I'm not really into mining but i guess that if you pick a coin that has some kind of future even if at the end of the month you break even with electricity costs and hardware maintenance the investment is still going to be profitable a couple of years down the line
ETH is most minable currency outhere. Only problem that soon ETH 2.0 will come out, which has proof of stake, instead of proof-of-work. Therefore GPU mining (all hash power from ETH) will move to a different coins, which will have even lower returns than now.

So if you want to invest, better buy ASIC and mine BTC, or LTC
I'm planning on investing around $100k into gpu crypto mining. I have land, location to create a cold storage but i'am not sure if crypto mining is still profitable and i have 0 knowledge of how the mining thing works so the rough plan is to buy a lot of gpu's , hire a few people to setup all of them and create the required things to start the mining process. i'am looking for some quality suggestions.
Was profitable before as of now might be.
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