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is clickbank well optimized for mobile traffic?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by stallion45d, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. stallion45d

    stallion45d Power Member

    Oct 11, 2011
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    Although I left clickbank a few months ago, I have to recognize that I still keep a small eye on it, call it nostalgia or whatever:) . I left because my earnings were dropping day after day.
    Today I am getting adapted to CPA. Surprisingly 70% of my current income on CPA comes from mobile traffic. CPA companies optimize the offers for you depending on your source of traffic ( desktop or mobile ) and you can see which percentage of mobile/desktop traffic you get on your dashboard. This does not happen when you check your data on clickbank as it is not sorted by source. Even if you use TID trackers on your hoplinks, they don´t tell you if your visitors use a PC desktop, a phone or a tablet.

    By checking the statistics of a youtube video (just an example ) you can clearly see mobile is becoming more popular than desktop. It comes to my mind that many of the CB products have been there in the market for many years and haven´t been updated by vendors, making their landing pages useless for mobile devices, then causing a profit damage and a harder situation to make sales.

    For sure top vendors will spend money into optimized their landers, but most of the products were created targeting someone who´s sitting at home using the desktop computer. On top of that I would add that not many people take out their credit card while walking on the street or traveling on the underground, while filling up a CPA offer is something you can simply do without buying anything. Also people are getting used to Amazon and fact or being shipped a physical item at home after purchasing online.

    I have tried to figure out the reasons why CB died for me, going from a good bunch of daily sales during years , to several "0 days", till I decided to move on and start something new. I know there are still many people banking hard with CB, so " If I can´t make it again" It´s my fault .

    I´m planning to launch a big review site to get back to the CB game and would like to know if any of the experienced clickbankers on the forum are being affected by the "mobile traffic fashion ". So guys, there goes the question:

    Is mobile traffic hurting your CB income??
  2. dimager2003

    dimager2003 Newbie

    Apr 26, 2016
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    You definitely have a point here

    Just yesterday I did analysis on the incoming PPC traffic to my landers - trying to understand what the hell is going on there and why I am getting a click through rate that sucks. It is in Sciatica niche by the way.
    So After deep analysis I decided to look at the devices report and then it hit me - 75% percent of my traffic comes from mobile and tablets, simply because sciatica sufferers can hardly sit on desktop!

    All of my landers were not optimized for that, but it is fixable - the biggest problem that the product site is not mobile friendly and looks like sh*t on my LG G4. I don't even imagine what it looks like on mobile devices with shitty screens.