Is anyone running a streaming farm on real devices?


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Aug 7, 2018
I am curious if anyone here is running a streaming farm on real devices. I have a bunch of android phones that I am using for a different purpose.

Since these phones have unlimited data and are running 24/7 anyway I thought that additionally streaming songs could provide extra income. Now I know that a lot of streaming services are really cracking down on these types of exploits. But I have a hard time imagining how these streaming platforms are going to crack down on real devices especially if they are using legitimate premium accounts.

Judging by the following discussion it would be profitable to get a couple of soundcloud premium accounts and to stream my own songs on a loop. Does anybody have experience with this and what are the main things to look out for?
I tryed Spotify farm few month ago and i GOT DETECTED very easly and isn't worth It anymore

Anyway Live tiktok bring a lot of traffic for onlyfans, if you know how setup pre recorded video for live tiktok on real device , you Will create a service in Exchange for Money
Streaming farm still works and the wises ones won’t stop making bucks from royalties.
You’ll only lose money without proper guide
There are many threads you can read on here and you can develop your farm from there however if you need a proper guide on setting up your farm,
You can reach me on TG @steve31117
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