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Is Affiliate Program outside network trustworthy ?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by vikiendu, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. vikiendu

    vikiendu Regular Member

    Nov 24, 2013
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    I am promoting some physical products. I have tried to search a lot but it seems like those products are not advertised on any Affiliate Network like CJ, Rakuten, ShareASale...

    So, I tried to search on Google "product + affiliate program". There were a lot, however those affiliate programs are self-hosted by the merchants. It took me like 2 minutes to register then they accepted my application automatically, without sending any confirmation email !

    My concern is, is there any chance that they scam me some dollars (like, I refer 10 sales but they count as 5 only), or worse, they don't pay me ?

    Have you joined any program that is outside the network ? What is your experience ?

    P/s: those merchants are very large, they have big stores located on USA, with detailed address displayed on Contact Us page. They received a lot of positive reviews from the customers. However, how they treat their affiliates is another story.
  2. MisterF

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    Nov 29, 2009
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    Anything you do using any companies affiliate scheme you have to trust them to be honest ( same as they trust you not to try game them ).

    At the end of the day, you'll need to bite the bullet and take that leap of faith.