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    May 30, 2011
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    Howdy Black Hat SEO!

    Today , I have my Own personal Journal. I've got a site that is in the Gaming Niche and i'm looking to rank it for a Very Popular Keyword(s)

    Keyword 1: Global=95k CPC=$1.41
    Keyword 2: Global =5,400 CPC=$0.14
    Keyword 3: Global = 9,800 CPC $1.01

    All , I've done it submit to Ezine Articles , Squdioo and Go Articles. I spammed my Squdioo page with around 10k Link of Scrapebox and that imporved my rankings. The Goal of this Journal is how to use Scrapebox in the best way. I will also combine some White hat techniques.

    My Keywords are rated "Quite Easy" In MS

    My Rankings so Far

    1: Not Ranked yet (Focus on this Later.)
    3 #52

    Feel free to ask any questions , I'll mainly be using Scarepbox & Link Prymaids and maybe some AMR if I can get it.

    If I get to 50 "Thanks" I'll give away a bit of my AA List that I'll be using.

    Comment Away!:D
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    Nov 4, 2011
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    wow....congrats....your doing great....keep up the hard work and you will get your ranking!