Iphone Proxies & airplane mode

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by johniemail, Sep 24, 2011.

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    I need to switch proxies about 5 times a day for browsing/posting purposes. IU read I can do this via iphone by switching airplane mode on and off. I've tried this a few times and have gotten these different IPs:

    All #s are unique except for the first 6... will this be an issue? or will these be recognized as different proxies for a major online classified site?

    Thanks in advance....
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    Yes, it's likely gonna be an issue since the first triplet clearly advertises you're on the same subnet, so probably a spammer. I wrote likely because it vastly depends on the kind of service you're targeting, but that's certainly not a solid way to appear as different ppl.

    You might want to use one of those online services that support POST requests. Generally there's a fee involved with the capability to support http POST (there might or might not be free ones too) and not just GET, but it's probably a mandatory requirement in your case.

    Since the iPhone has transparent support for VPNs you might want to have a look at this alternative too. I'm sure there's some service that integrates seamlessly with your phone and offers geo-local IPs for cheap.

    This latter one is the way to go imo.