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    I am completely new to this field so go easy. I live in a very rural area that does not have any type of cable service and the land line phone provider does not offer any kind of legitimate internet service either. Luckily there is an att tower very close to me within a mile and as it turns out it is a hub of some sort so my cell phone coverage is amazing. I use my hotspot setting to run my internet and have relatively little problems. Apparently att either bundles or provides some sort of proxy service because when I check my ip address with whatsmyip or look at my facebook or gmail acct settings my ip is listed in other states and places from Virginia NY Minnesota and as far as California. It even fools google, if you were to google ice cream shops the resulting search provides local shops to the ip at the time. My question is how traceable am I really? if someone were to look into my ip could they backtrack to my real location?

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    I would think that AT&T has some sort of user logs that would keep track of what phone number is connected to what IP. As far as Google though and other websites, they're going to think you're IP is the address you're given at that time. I believe they have an entire network dedicated to 3G internet. I don't know much on the back-end as to how that works exactly or anything like that though.