iPhone case market too saturated?

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    Hey guys, just wandering what your thoughts are on the iphone case market and if it's too saturated.
    In terms of ebay/ amazon it is incredibly saturated with loads of competition.

    However... i haven't seen many people selling through Facebook?

    Maybe i could target teens, set up a facebook page and sell through a site.

    I know there is the possibility of them going onto eBay and buying it for a cheaper price etc... but if they see it first on their newsfeed and they don't have an ebay account they may just want to buy it through me, especially if they are too young for ebay...

    I don't know maybe im just thinking in a stupid way.

    Let me know your thoughts ;)

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    Ecrater is not a bad place for selling iPhone accessories. Would not bother with anything else, even facebook. One of the first things I ever sold online was iPhone cases many years ago, it was hard then, so probably harder now. Made near enough all my sales through ecrater, and very little through eBay or one of my websites which at the time was ranked on the first page of google and yahoo for iPhone cases.
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    All the markets are already saturated if you are NOT willing to add your own twist and work hard.
    Many people I know are still banking from social networking sites like myspace which people call saturated.
    If you work hard and add your own twist, then you could bank from any niche and none of them is saturated then.
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