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Ipad tutorials

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by sergbot, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. sergbot

    sergbot Junior Member

    Jan 20, 2010
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    I created a short 30 second video about how people should take Ipad tutorials to increase their productivity with an ipad. for an offer that has like 70% conversion with like 60 bucks payout at click bank. Then I unloaded 8k desktop vegax video views on that video. Right now the video has 1800 views on the view counter and 2500 on search page. 170 likes and 24 favorites were unloaded. vid itself only has 68 likes. I got 3 hops like 4 days ago and that is it. With 8k views, usually youtube sends 3% of real traffic for every 97% of fake traffic. So, thats 240 real people, out of 240 people only 3 clicked? keep in mind those 3% are relevant people who were watching ipad videos. This doesn't make much sense. Same exact thing happened to me with adult friend finder. I created a short video telling people to go here to find a date. I unloaded 20k vagex views with like 300 likes and 50 favorites. 3% of those people would be like 600 people who were youtube searching dating tips. I only got 7 hops with no sign ups. What is going on here? why does everything I do fail. I see all these guides, make 1k profit from youtube like this.