ip ban when posing comments to wordpress

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    hi all,

    there was another question on the forum about scrapebox success rate and private proxies and I have some additional questions:

    1) I heard akismet doesn't block by ip. Who blocks the ip then?

    2) Is the comment ( of a banned ip) totally blocked or does it go to the spam folder?

    3) Do you know after how many different comments an ip gets banned?
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    I will try to explain. Lets say that a user that has a dynamic IP spams from that IP. The user shuts off the modem and the IP address is recycled to another user. Say that user posts to the same WP forum. If Akismet were to block solely on IP it would block a legitimate user. Therefore, what Akisimet must do is compare the posting email, the comment, and the IP. This goes for StopForumSpam and StopBot as well. The IP may put the comment in the spam folder, but it is only the above combination that will block the email entirely - unless you are using a public proxy that has spammed many WP blogs.

    Akisimet is a local solution. The blogger may choose to allow the comment. If the blogger allows the comment, notice is sent back to WP. Basically this is sort of like a rep rating. This is also the weakness of Akisimet for static IP addresses. You begin a few WP blogs. Comment to them from your banned/restricted IP address. Chase the comment down in your spam folder and approve it. Do this on a few WP hosted blogs and the IP is no longer restricted.
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    Akismet does ban on IPs, but they also ban on email address and url.

    Akismet is something that should be ignored. You can go place 5 manual comments and get your website banned by akismet. Akismet creates a lot of false positives, but it only affects a very small userbase. Not very many people install it, but if you do any level of blog comment link building your sites will become akismet banned, its a way of life.

    So just focus on the fact that there are lots of blogs that are associated with akismet and you will still be able to build hundreds of thousands of links, if you want to build that many.

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    never heard of this