IP and Proxy help, having a MAJOR problem.

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    I normally use the TOR network when making accounts, but have been having trouble over the last 6 months or so. TOR used to stay on each IP for 15 minutes or more til you changed it manually in the console, but now it seems to change IP's automatically every couple minutes. My problem is that i use TOR to go to a few different adult sites to create unique accounts, and what i am trying to do is, make the account, and log into a PoP3 account like Yahoo.com to approve the account, all from the same IP, but by the time i get into my email, more often than not, the IP has changed, therefore making my account void. I am lucky to get 1 in 5 accounts to get approved now. Can any one make any suggestions of how i can scrape and use decent proxies/socks that will allow me to stay connected long enough to make my account, and go thru the email and then "approve by email" and surf the site for a minute or two, all on the SAME IP. I KNOW that this is my problem and why my accounts arent sticking. I need the accounts to actually get approved, so i can use the webcam function. I'm an e-whore! and I'm good at it, but im having trouble making my AFF accounts stick.

    I use IMacros to automate most of the account making, and i manually insert the captcha each time, and i have no problems doing it this way, as long as i can solve my IP problem. Not looking for alternatives, just a more sure fire way to stay connected to individual proxies/socks that are good.

    Any suggestions of how to make TOR work better, or any other softwares that have access to a lot of IP's like this, that i can use every day?

    I would apreciate any help please.