Investors/Partners required for Ecommerce JV's

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by wholesalereplica, Jun 3, 2011.

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    What I have is an endless supply of stock, on most days more than I can handle

    But I buy plenty at great prices and resell them to many on my list and beyond

    I have a number of ebay partners that are making good money as am I from those ventures

    However I am pretty much non techy, I am looking for partners that can bring technical skills to the table and build quality sites to sell various products.

    Partners would also be required to invest an initial $500 which would be matched by me for initial SEO. SEO Services would be acquired via this forum. I have identified a few that I believe are top notch, obviously we can agree the service providers.

    I have had indications that the KW's I would be targetting could be ranked using some of the services here.

    All shipping etc would be handled by my team, so no grunt work required

    If you have any interest please send me a PM or reply in the thread and I will get back to you

    If you would just like to invest and get a guaranteed return on investment, this can be set up with agreed milestones