Investment Opportunity with no Risk

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    Like the title says I'm extending an investment opportunity to the black hat world community with no risk to the right candidates.

    My team and I will be taking on a maximum of 5 private investors with investing amounts ranging between $5,000 and $100,000 per month. You can essentially be earning 10% apr per month on your investment. You have the option to invest as many or as little times as you'd like on a month to month basis.

    The reason I'm allowed to say "no risk" is considering all funds will be directly deposited into a revolving escrow account. The revolving escrow account is controlled by our company and the CPA network were affiliate with. We do not make any commissioned pay outs to an affiliate until that sale is generated. Also, the terms and conditions will all be under contract.

    As far as information on our business model and how we generate revenue, that would have to be discussed in person. You just need to know that our industry is very lucrative and we have vast experience in e-commerce monetization. The company is located in San Diego and will be launching beta early March. Revenue will be generated starting April 1st. Any potential investors would have to be contracted and in agreement before beta launch.

    2 of the 5 spots are already filled and we don't necessarily need anymore investors, but were always happy to expedite company growth. If you have interest in a zero risk month to month investment opportunity yielding 10% apr let me know.