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    First and foremost I would like to say Hello. To everyone newbie friendly or not ;)

    That being said I will get right into it. I will be the first ti admit I know nothing (or virtually nothing) about Internet marketing or Search Engine Optimization. I have found these forums months if not over a year ago and never got involved. I decided the world is fucked up enough and were all being made to fit this mold so the rich can profit off us. I realized nothing I did in life would amount to anything worth while if I did what others told me and conformed. if your not going against the grain and getting ridiculed by those who have this false sense of freedom/security than your not doing anything right. If your "going with the flow" you will realize that flow more often than not drops off the end of a waterfall and your left in a stagnant pool. Sorry for ranting a bit but it needed to be done. I was spurred into motion looking back on life and realizing where it was taking me. I have used and abused computers to my benefit the majority of my 26 years of life and switched majors from computer science to international business because what I was learning in CS was things I had already known and done in the course of my computer using career.

    Anyways I have been soaking in a shitstorm of information and am left a little lacking. From the point of a noob I am sure you all understand the vast amount of information here on BHW can be discouraging, or the noob can just get completely lost.

    I myself find myself picking up concepts and terms and ideas rather quickly but I would personally like to see a list of things I should be reading/researching at the beginner level. Obviously I don't want to learn about monetizing just yet when I have no clue how to build/index/ keyword or backlink build. In fact I don't even know how to get a domain and set it up.

    Now I am not lazy by any means, I have done everything i have done in life to the fullest and generally got bored with it. These is so much to learn and do in this feild I dont see myself ever getting bored, aside from the vast amounts of money being exchanged over the internet.

    I dabbled a little in drug dealing (not proud of it) but I have always had this problem seeing money being passed back and forth in front of me and me not being in the middle of it. So... I put my mind to use and climbed up the chain and hustled the hard way. I realized I was not as smart as I had thought because being on top in that world means there is alot of risk. ALOT of risk. Where in this field if your hustling to your hearts content there are ways to protect yourself and well... you all know this better than I. Ive committed to changing my life around but giving up "the good life" even if it was for the well being of myself and family is a hard thing to do. I need to put my time and mind to something that has an end I can see, and one I like so i can get on this path.

    As I stick around I am sure I will find someone who will be a "mentor" figure so to speak, when that time comes awesome. Until then I am here genuinly asking where to start. I dont want to have to look over my shoulder ever day for the money I make, yet I want to be able to break free from the chains of this fucked up society.

    What do i do? I dont want ANYONE to put the work in for me, what is there to learn that way. Win or lose I want to be able to take something out of this that will make me a better person, its how I live life and that will never change.

    First, research domain names, cost to maintain and register?
    Search niches that I might want to get into and domain names that match that niche in some way shape or form?
    Once i have a domain name and have some form of basic template up start keyword research? Which keywords rank the top sites on google in my particular niche and match those?
    Linkbuilding, backlinks etc.

    What order should I be looking into all this. By the time I am done researching and get my first website up with content relevant to my niche and keywords whats next? Then comes monitizing?

    thank you to anyone who takes time out of their busy schedule to even read this none-the-less reply. I look forwarding to joining the community and can't wait to get my hands dirty.

    I guess in essence, in order for me to have a "campaign" of any sort what would I need to do/learn specifically?

    What would your campaign consist of? (Obviously don't get too technical I'm not trying to steal your technique I'm trying to learn the basics) From scratch to finish what would one need to do to have a shot? (In fact it seems those who know what they are doing arent taking any shot at all, seems like it is their living and obviously alot of people are stingy with info)
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