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    what is this forum rules forbidding me to introduce myself correctly ????? I just spent 15 minutes writing some nice introduction without breaking any rules as far as I know ( no ads, no private info, urls, swearing or thanking anyone, just a nice plain introduction !! I keep getting the same message 'You are trying to post a message that has triggered our moderation system. Double check our rules to make sure you are posting something that is appropriate. We don't tolerate any selling, posting contact information, urls, swearing, giving thanks ect... Please understand this is to protect our community from spammers. Once you have been a member of BHW for a longer period of time this limit will be removed. Thank you!
    If you would like to remove this limit faster consider donating HERE'

    It's really not cool, admin please let me PM you my introduction so you approve it manually or something because your script is false judging me, I am just being polite and wrote more then just hi im here to make money :/
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