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    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Kevin and I am looking forward to meeting many new friends and Bussiness Partners alike here on this Great Site. I am new to the Internet marketing sceen and open my mind and ears to all the Help available from anyone that will be kind enough to lend a helping hand to another NEWBEE to your site. A good starting point and a outline of a game plan would be greatly aprecaited? Thank You For your help and support! Kevin D. Reese
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    Hey Kevin,

    Welcome aboard. TBH the way I personally
    approach IM is take what I know from the
    offline world and apply it to the IM world.

    So I'd start with something to do with any
    of your skillset and then try and format/find
    a method around that.

    If you still want a "game plan", then you could
    look around for the "7878" thread on offline marketing
    or one of the few recent threads from "2011nfl" but
    there are plenty others out there.

    What I'd say first is don't go out there and buy lots of
    tools and or guides. There is plenty of free information
    available to help you get started. Once you've got something
    going or want to appoach something bigger with the help
    of a tool or software, really plan it out, don't throw $60+ at
    anything with out a solid plan.

    Best of luck,