Introduction to me! I'll be around quite a bit.

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    Hey all,

    I wanted to make an introduction to me and my purpose for being here as well as maybe get pointed in the right direction on some things.

    About me: I am the webmaster for a larger network of high traffic adult sites. Great stuff, but it's a new task for me. My strengths lay in social networking, promotions, networking in general, community management and critical thinking. I've done a bit of ewhoring (javaChat) and I've gamed a few different styles of beating Gs algorithms using different techniques.

    I will be around to discuss technique, learn a ton more about your tactics and hopefully pick up some new skills and grow into a versatile marketer via BHW.

    I'm interested in a few different things. I want to know if anyone has a particular amount of advice/technique or wants to start a discussion on adult traffic. Not a standard link trading blah, but social engineering as well.

    I'm interested in building traffic from CL and BP and wanted to know if any of you had advice or techniques on doing this. I am also interested in IM. I sit around a lot and work on different techniques, but I want to keep my hands dirty. Driving traffic for affiliate money is never a bad idea and i can apply smaller techniques to larger networks as well as (hopefully) one day be asking for willing folks to push traffic doing this.

    In other words, I am not a n00b, but I want to be treated like one when it comes to IM, etc. I want to learn it all, all of the simple money making techniques that could be involved even if its only a crack at $200 a day for CL linking, IM linking, etc.

    Any advice? I might get scolded for putting this all in here, but for sake of transparency, Ill wait til I am yelled at it pull it down. :)