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    Hey everyone.
    I'm a regular 17 year old dude from the U.K.
    I'm a student studying politics,business and economics (business landed me right here)
    A few weeks ago I realized : what is the point of my existence? what am I doing with my life?
    Basically I'm tired of being a nobody. I feel like I'm wasting my life away doing nothing.
    Everytime I hear about my peers doing well I get angry at myself, how can I let time just waste away like this? I am not making money or doing anything, I am nearly 18 and still have to ask my parents for money and it's just embarrasing, I've decided to not do that anymore and only spend my own money, I kind of am in need of new clothes and shoes and my parents have offered me but I've just refused.
    Which is what landed me here, me coming onto BHW isn't just money motivated, it's also gonna be a personal journey.
    I've read up quite a bit and gotten motivated. So yeah, everyone here seems pretty cool.
    I'm very lazy and I know this is gonna be hard work but I KNOW I will pull it off.
    Thanks for reading this and if anyone has got any recommendations or any motivational topics or anything else post it on this or shoot me a p.m.
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    Jun 27, 2013
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    i am too new here looking for someone to guide how can i start :) btw i am reading some thread how how to start may be that will help me to
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    You are studying three subjects and then say you're a nobody and ask yourself what you do with your life? You should be proud on you instead! Most people are already overwhelmed with one subject. It seems you have a quite negative attitude and are not realistic with the situation like it is... Or do you don't want to study? In this case it would be a different situation.

    Anyway, I wish you a good start (same goes for vounyse).