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    Just wanted to say a warm hello.

    I have read your forum for some time but have not posted. I feel I have exhausted my ability to gather solid gold information without direct questions and so I wanted to introduce myself before I dug in and asked for your valuable advice.

    In some ways, I think it's a shame that their is a stigma of the black hat being attached to this forum. I have read extensively on this forum and I have never seen a post advocating any dangerous or negative action. I have only witnessed a community of bright and clever individuals who have recognized that the internet is a game. A game whose rules are set by large organizations with teams of employees dedicated to retaining as much income as they can while redistributing just enough money to keep people playing. I see a community dedicated to understanding the ever changing rules and figuring out how to play the best they can. To me there is nothing wrong with that and I love a good game.

    I have grown numb to the promise of large payouts displayed glowingly on the screen only to be redacted to half at the end of each month. It no longer angers me, It is just the way the game is played and I embrace it. I love a good game.

    I will also make a personal promise above the site rules.

    I will try to never ask a question that has already been answered unless I think the information is out of date. Time is money and I respect the time of anyone who participates here.

    Thanks for creating this forum and game on!

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    Hi mate. Am also new to the forum.. Cheers!!!
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    Hi, welcome. Cool username :)