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    Just spent about two days researching PayPal. Prior to yesterday, I had absolutely no knowledge of it other than the fact that people use it to buy things on the Internet.

    For yous guys who may be new to PayPal, check out this .pdf, it's free to download and pretty straight-forward.

    I did have some questions, for some people who may know more about it, though.

    We all know about PayPal's nonsense with freezing accounts and such and sorta screwing over people with only Personal accounts on customer service... So why does everybody continue to use it? Is it better to have multiple accounts set up for all payment, such as Paypal + Moneybookers + AlertPay? Or is there enough people using Moneybookers and AlertPay in IM to not even use PayPal anymore? I would much rather use other mediums for e-commerce but it seems I'm gonna have to use PayPal because so far every person I've done business with uses it.

    This is a quote from the .pdf I linked. Is this to say that on business/premiere accounts, no matter how low the amount of money is, whenever you receive money from somebody PayPal will go ahead and deduct 30 cents? So if you receive like 30 payments a day in increments of $2.00... that's straight up $9.00 out of your day's pay, before PayPal takes their 3% cut and before taxes. Is this what we're looking at here? If so then I'm gonna have to find a way around this.

    Also, how do you guys feel about which accounts to sign up for? I'm probably just gonna go ahead and sign up for a Business account, and I don't have a problem giving PayPal my legal info, but for those of you who use Personal accounts, are you pretty much getting by okay?

    Thx, guys
    - Jerry
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    very good .pdf

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    Yes very interesting information about PayPal, but you could do everything right and PayPal could still limit your account for no reason at all.
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    I need to ask...
    I have a website and I want to make payments in the website's name and not my own as I have a personal account at the moment. As far as I read on the internet you need a business account for that, correct?

    I understand how to sign up for a business account and all, I dont know what do I need to verify a busines account though, can someone enlighten me?
    Do I need to scan papers of a company I own? Or is there any other way as I do not intend to register a company since it costs too much and theres too much paperwork involved to be worth it...

    There are tons of ptc and gpt websites that have their website name on their paypal accounts that I simply doubt all of them are registered companies....
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    awesome information about paypal,but for me is sucks...
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    is paypal better than alertpay ?