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    Hello BHW, I am Monarch and new to these forums and internet marketing in general. I am picking up as much research as I can on white and black hat techniques and general ideas.
    I will be posting here a lot as soon as I launch my projects but so far just wanted to ask some basic questions.
    I am partnering with a person to create a fanpage on a specific person. There is a great following behind this person but no official internet standing. I have the full rights (yes legally) to represent this said person and to create an official network around them. Site, social media, youtube etc etc. This person will be involved and that is the focus, that they work with me to update content. Not only does this person have a following online, but they are also a celebrity etc etc.
    Firstly, any newbie guides as far as designing a website? I plan on using filezilla and I figured for now wordpress themes. I do not know anything about this process.
    Any suggestions on where to start overall would be great. Please remember, the base of a following has already been laid and proven, so I do not doubt there will be success in numbers. I do not want to whore out the persons name as a brand name with spam but I would like to monetize and help it grow to its fullest potential so we may start some new projects with this person. I am sorry I am being bleak. Mostly wanted to introduce myself and see how people feel about this.
    Assuming I have 0 experience in internet marketing, have domains registered for these sites, have full right to legally represent this said person and will involve this person as much as possible. Videos, pictures, articles, twitter, facebook etc etc.