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    Hey guys,
    I have a vegan/vegetarian website that has a few CB products on it, and some amazon products.
    I have a youtube video, a fb page and a twitter page. I have all my aff links masked. I also use Google Alerts and various alternatives. I have 0 sales. I'll be honest, even if a get 1 sale, how in the world can I reach the $100 minimum payout for CB?
    All the products are cookbooks, that is pretty much all they have to offer. That or some sort of diet plan. They dont sale for very much, about $20-$30 dollars a pop.
    I have reviews on all the products as well. What should I do to have a steady stream of sales?
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    Hey mate, well it all depends - how many unique visitors are you getting a day and where are these visitors coming from?

    From there we can see if its a problem with traffic generation, or a problem with conversions.
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    I suggest that you go and find some articles or free recipies. Compile those into some sort of report with value. It could be "7 delicious Vegetarian recipies" or "How to make the jump to become veagan" or something like that. Give it away for free, but obviously have your visitors opt in to get it. Now just email marketing 101 send your list valuable things to gain trust with them and occasionally promote a CB product.

    This is a way you could get a nice steady stream of sales every month.

    Hope this helps
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    Answer me these questions three...

    How long have you had the website? I had a site for about two months before I got sales, then another month went by before I ever got another one. After that, I made at least $17 per week (as high as $53 one week) until I sold the site for $300 to work on some other products.

    How much traffic do you get, and where does it come from? Maybe you could try Meathead1234's legendary method that he describes here: ( It's a good way to get targeted traffic to your site. I have gotten as many as 300 visitors in one day from a single comment on one website.

    Have you considered any other monetization methods? I'm not saying give up just yet, but some sites and niches are better suited to other forms of monetization. I'd suggest you give it at least 6 more months, and if you still can't make it work with Clickbank, try Adsense. Or maybe sell vegan cookbooks from Amazon Affiliates.

    I know it's depressing and un-motivating to log in every day and see a big fat ZERO, but keep at it. Try new stuff. Put twists on your methods. Think of a unique way to promote your site that nobody has ever tried before. Believe me though, once you get that first sale, you'll be HOOKED and you'll be motivated to work harder than ever!

    By the way, you can change the minimum payout on Clickbank to as low as $25. Log in, go to Account Settings, scroll down to Payment Information, and you should be able to change it.
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    You can get a much lower payout on clickbank. I think it's 50 bucks. I would check for you and send you over the link but every time I go to clickbank I have to dig for my pw. They make it so tough to put in a pw you want.