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    Hi guys

    I am a member of another forum (not related to seo). anyway, long story short, there is this person on this forum. I have a gmail account with fake name. I sent an email to this person from this gmail. then I started to panic because I dont want this person to find out ANYTHING about me.

    So what are some things that they could find based on the gmail?
    I have emailed from this gmail to my company email and from the company email to this gmail many times. Is it possible that my company name will somehow be associated with this gmail?
    I know I dont have a google+ account associated with this gmail.

    I tried googling the part before the in quotation marks, and I came upon a couple of questions that I had asked in some discussion board a long time ago. Thank god, these questions dont contain any identifying information .

    What other possible things can they do to find more information about me?
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    if you are looking for or concerned about internet security or "personal privacy" stay away from google services or any other public service, I guess thats not too hard to understand lol. If you are too concerned why you dont buy a domain and use it to send emails?
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    From the sounds of it, not a lot, don't worry.