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    If you know how to rank a website in google and how to drive traffic through Social Media (especially Pinterest) then I want to partner up with you and pay you a fixed % of EVERY sell we make.

    I have an E-Commerce ready and set up for products in the clothing niche. The product is great, I have already collected great feedback from people around the world and the best thing is that I do own the product. I am sitting at the source and can produce it by myself. Nobody else is selling it outside of this Asian country where it is made.

    Since I dont want to invest money and spend the earned money on new and more products, I dont really have a budget for marketing. Nor do I have the time. This is why I want to partner up with somebody.

    Depending on your qualities I will offer you a fixed percentage of every sell we make through the website. No need for affiliate links...

    The products are selling at 70-80$ average and since I own them there is a great margin.

    Please PM me with your qualities.

    Edit: Please PM me with more than your Skype name. I am not going to add 50 people on Skype just to realize that 45 of them dont know any more about IM than myself.
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    Franklin Hattchet Method
    Franklin Hattchet Method
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