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    Not sure how can I make this make sense.

    A friend called me since he know I "work with computers"
    He runs a local company selling to small rural stores all sorts of Made in China things.
    From pens to lighters and what not.

    So he asked me the following hopping to outsource it here:

    He will buy 3 ipads for his sales team.

    An online store like backed for so he can:

    1. A platform where he can Input all the small store details ( so when he will make an order for to them just search for them in the DB)
    2. Search for that store to make a purchase
    3. He can add his items with pictures with ease
    4. Wen he makes a purchase for a certain store an email with the stores details and order info will be send via email for book keeping.

    I hope it makes sense.

    Please PM you skype id and maybe a price.

    As a personal note, I think he will not have an internet connection everywhere, so maybe if he can write things down locally then
    just save them for when he has internet would be ideal.

    Also he does not know it yet, but I think it would be nice if he can make it into a public webstore/ecommerce.