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    Hi, I was thinking of a way to build quality backlinks to my website.
    I will reach out to writers in my niche, that are already have published posts in some very high authority websites. I will ask them if they available for freelance writing my website.. Then, I'll ask them kindly if they willing to go and add the link to their new post in my website to one of their older posts that they have published in the quality website I picked them up from...
    I'm assuming that they will be happy to link to an article of their own :)
    And ... if not... I can offer for them a small fee to do it.
    This way I could get "native" links inside the article and not in the normal way of just reach out out of the blue to the webmaster and ask for a link....
    What do you think of this strategy? Any good tool / way easy I can use to find such websites (with few authors?)

    Thank you!
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    That's called an outreach strategy (or more specifically, link building through outreach), and it works well for some people, assuming you're good at piquing people's interest. For example, a couple of months ago I received an email from a man who owned a new SEO blog and wanted a backlink from my website. He started the email off not with a demand (e.g., I want a backlink), but with a question (e.g., How can I get a backlink from you?). He then briefly went over a few things he could do for me that would have been considered a fair trade such as writing articles. At the end of the email, before he linked to his website, he mentioned that even if I don't want to link to his website, he would just enjoy a friendly chat.

    I found the email interesting, so I took a look at the guy's site and saw that he had some pretty unique content, with one of his articles being related to one of my drafts, so I linked back to that article and called it a day. That outreach email felt genuine, was written in good English, and linked to a quality website, and I wouldn't have linked back to it if it had been missing any of those 3 (i.e., you can write a good email, but I won't link to a crappy site; or if you write a crappy email, I won't bother reading it even, so I won't know if you have a quality site).

    As for looking for websites with a few authors, try visiting forums in your niche and be on the lookout for members who link to their own websites. A more time-consuming strategy is to research really low competition longtail keywords in your niche and search for them in Google. Smaller blogs that do SEO are more likely to target these keywords in order to get web traffic during the initial stages of their SEO campaign.
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    Theatre of dreams :)

    I have never seen anyone talk about searching for the sites via longtail keywords. Nice tip!