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Interesting but how do I monetize it

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Hisnibbs, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Hisnibbs

    Hisnibbs Newbie

    Jun 27, 2010
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    Have a site, that has only about 1000 uniques a month, very niche, very local but it has a wider reach than I first thought and I regularly get calls/email off the site from interested parties from all over the UK.
    So, how to monetize it?
    1) Tried Adsense didn't work as the niche is very low paying, less than a $1 a month and the competitors to the site would then have their ad on the site.
    2) The offline aspect that the site publicises is low/no paying but requires a lot of maintenance as it grows and I have just reached the point where my overheads have now disappeared to almost nothing so every penny made is profit.
    3) The interested parties come from 2 very distinct groups; I used to have a very focused double opt in mailing list one with 100 names and the other with about 300 names on it. I spent 8 months trying to engage and monetize the lists and got nowhere. Everytime I sent out a mailing that did not address the one speicifc need the subscribers to either list had signed up for I would get either reported for spam or unsubscribed.
    4) I put a membership site up behind the main site and got not 1 subscriber, they preferred the free version by the site that dominates the niche.
    5) The main site that dominates the niche has a main focus elsewhere, and the free members forum on that site is just an additional and the owner just lets it run along with no moentization as he makes more off national advertising campaigns on the main site.
    6) I tried selling the visotors/subscribers eBooks, guides, advice and courses focused on their specific needs, all were ignored. I tried giving them eBooks, guides, advice and courses and a few were downloaded, no one took up any of the affilliate offers inside them.
    7) I ran a once a month workshop/meeting which was attended by 4-5 people who just complaind it was not well attended, ate the free food and left. :)
    8) The people who are phoning and visiting the site have a very specific need, of which I am hugely familiar and experienced and could help them but they all think they don't need my help apart from in one respect and I just am not able to charge for it due to a prevailing mood in the niche about being charged for that one aspect.
    9) I tried to sell/rent it out but go nowhere fast.

    I m using the site for publicity with regard to an allied aspect of my business but I want to make something off the 1000+ people coming to the site who are a diverse cross section.

    So with all of the above, what would you suggest? Or should I just give it up as a bad lot and just let it tick along? If I could get 10p off every visitor that would be £100 a month!

    Any advice, ideas or thoughts would be greatfully appreciated.
  2. plut0

    plut0 Regular Member

    Aug 2, 2008
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    "Greater service you offers it's mean more values you have"...
    Give them free stuff, make them addicted to your site, maybe you can build member get member benefits like MLM program based on your niche.
    just my 0.2 cents
  3. flibbertigibbet

    flibbertigibbet Regular Member

    Apr 11, 2010
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    I have a few ideas for this...PM me and I'll give you suggestions.