[Interesting] Appmaker? Then this is for you!

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    Hello people!

    I was recently checking out the new trends out there, since in Internet Marketing you have to be on top of every innovation out there and I stumbled upon a 21 year old Internet Marketer that managed to get venture capital to do a massive project that now involves millions of people.

    The paradigm is shifting, and the consumer minds are too. I have a young sister and I can relate with this guy when he tells us that people that grow in a World with iPhones and iPads are expecting a whole new level of engagement in advertising.

    I'm sure some of you would prefer another method by me with 1. 2. 3 Steps, but this one really gives me some neat ideas.

    If you're an App developer, why don't you try making something like this, since it's fairly new.

    Here's the vid.

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    Thanks for this.
    Gamification is the way