Intelligence, Logical Thinking and Entrepreneurship

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    Hello, I have been a passive spectator of the online marketing world for the greatest part of the last 10 years, I have a PhD in physics and up until recently I've worked doing theoretical research in a public university, the funding for my department has been cut and as of the last 6 months I have been unemployed, I have had some job offerings in other universities, but I'm not willing to take them due to several factors, distance, remuneration, among others.

    I have since developed a partial interest by the prospect of online marketing and the possibility of starting an entrepreneur career, but for some reason I am unable to succeed, something which I subjectively define as my inability to non logical thinking, which is in my view a fundamental part of being an entrepreneur, I define entrepreneurship as the ability to understand the emotions, desires and fears of others, I have a 163 IQ as defined by the standard testing procedure of the prometheus society, but when it comes to human emotion, and social interactions, there are aspects of it that I have never been able to comprehend.

    My question here is rather simple, is there anyone else here who can relate to my personal experience on the nature of entrepreneurship and it's non logical nature, if so, how did you succeed?