- would their 75% USA traffic be alright for zip submits

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    Would traffic be alright for form submits from MaxBounty? How would their social media/Google traffic be much different than country targeted redirect traffic.

    In the case of one offer it would: It only allows website and mobile and won't allow the below:

    Restrictions: No adult traffic, gambling sites, forum posting. No iframing the campaigns. Cannot say win, winner, won, contest, prize, claim, test & keep, you’ve been selected, free, etc. Cannot run on “freebie sites” or sites dedicated to aggregating links to free gifts, surveys, or free samples.
    (its a smoking cessation offer)
    But if it were not disallowed are there any inherent problems with this traffic source that CPA networks would find objectionable.

    I'm just beginning in CPA and I don't want to tick anyone off at the network. I would rather have them happy with everything. I'm also a little afraid to let my AM know how limited my experience really is.
    (should I be afraid of my AM or should I just start asking questions?)

    I tried to read some WSO's from AZnulled but most WSO's are just crap.
    I am perusing the chucknandy blog to get an overview.
    But none of them really cover specifics because there are so many variables.