Installing a tracking code for shareasale

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    Jun 18, 2017
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    Hello, i want to use the affiliate platform shareasale as a merchant. It is needed to install their tracking code on my selling website (I have it not yet). They write:

    For sales-based programs, the tracking code should be placed on your site’s checkout receipt (”thank you” confirmation page). This is the page displayed immediately after your customer’s credit card has been charged. ShareASale partners with a variety of popular shopping cart platforms to provide easy solutions for the task. If you use a custom cart or your platform is not listed in the drop-down select box, select “My Shopping Cart Platform is Not Listed” to continue. Send the instructions to your programmer to implement the ShareASale tracking if your are unclear on how to proceed.” It is followed by a list of shopping cart plattforms like yahoo stores or amazon web stores. I am not experienced with setting up sites (or including codes in it mamually), so I guess it will be better for me to take some easy solution. Where can I get a homepage which is using famous and big shopping platform, to make sure, that (probably) I can use the traffic code shareasale with it?? thanks