Instagram safety paranoia

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    Jun 23, 2017
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    Hello guys. Do you have any ideas how to overcome paranoia? by paranoia i mean this: im doing free followers niche with instagram atm, with 30 accs and i wanna scale it a lot , but i have paranoia that i will mess somethign up with bot settings/bio links/Proxy or i will leave any kind of footprings and so i can get massban in the future.So I really wanna become like an "expert" with all settings to be sure that my accs will stay for many months and it will be long-term. im buying ig accs from hqaccs, 4-5 years old , using - 3 ig acc per Proxy, also im doing 400 follow 450 unfollow per account after its warmed up. im using cloaker. but still kinda scared that im missing something or doing something bad so i can mess all up and after some months i will get many accs banned while i will be running lets say 300-400 free folllowers acc.. so any tips about this? for example im scared to leave any kind of footprints. Right now im using same acc provider , same proxy, same follow sources and same bot (follow/unfollow) settings, should i bother about this? I undertand that i cannot use same bio texts and etcs, but stuff like same bot settings or same follow sources across all accs could also cause mass bans? Please guys give me insights and advices on how to be calm with this and find a way to do maximum secure. Maybe someone of you could write a guide for cpa ig security? Thank you!